About project

Few things about project:


All schools have needs to elaborate teaching methods, the use of ICT, communicative skills and confidence, pupil’s basic skills in Maths and English and the connection between school work and the society outside school. We all have reached different levels within these areas and we all have different pre-requisites at our schools. Still we all want to develop and learn from modern research and from each other.

We all have pupils who have a need to develop their basic skills in order to be able to complete their education. Many of these young people feel the need to find a usefulness of their studies connected to the society outside school. We want to make them feel this connection in their lessons in Maths and English. In this way we hope to help them improve their basic skills, help them move on to the more difficult courses and furthermore prevent drop-outs. The educational use of ICT will help us to make the lessons more interesting, more connected to the rest of society and other countries in Europe. Another advantage is to make the pupils more confident in using ICT and Open Educational Resources (OER). We want to learn from each other and to try out new teaching methods which we have read about in modern pedagogical research. We will try out lessons both during the visits planned at the different schools and through the Internet by using Skype and other communicative resources. Staff and pupils will evaluate the new teaching methods together. In this way we want pupils and teachers to become more confidant when working together in planning and evaluations.

We want all our pupils to gain communicative skills, both when it comes to languages and to know how to communicate through Internet based platforms and social media. We see a lack of competence among our pupils when it comes to good manners when using social media. We would like them to learn more about the possibilities and dangers on the Internet and about how to behave correctly when using social media as a platform for communication.

We would also like our pupils to gain better confidence in communication with other people; e.g. people from other European countries, people of different age-groups and people from different social contexts. We hope that visiting other countries and working with people from many countries both in real life and through the Internet will make our pupils trust their ability to make themselves understood and to increase their desire to meet new cultures.

Objectives in short:
– Develop new teaching methods, through exchange of experiences and by trying out new methods from modern research. Try out methods and learn to evaluate together both the pupils and the staff involved.
– Develop teaching methods connected to ICT and OER.
– Develop teaching methods which are connecting school work to the society outside school.
– Help pupils gain better basic skills in Maths and English.
– Help pupils gain better communicative confidence and skills.
– Help pupils learn good manners when communicating through social media.
– Prevent early drop-outs.
– Make pupils more willing to learn more about European people and cultures.
– Develop democratical methods to plan and evaluate teaching including both teachers and pupils.


Expected results:
– new teaching methods ready to use, including methods connected to ICT and OER
– new teaching methods ready to use, connecting school work to the society outside school
– pupils more confident in basic skills in maths and English
– pupils more confident and skilled in communicating
– pupils more interested in European people and cultures
– pupils more aware of the importance of good manners in social media
– new democratical methods to plan and evaluate teaching including both teachers and pupils
– fewer early drop-outs
– better results in national tests in maths and English
– publication about experiences and new teaching methods to be spread to other teachers and schools